Newfleet provides investment management services to a wide variety of clients, including foundations, endowments, corporations, public funds, multi-employer plans, private clients, mutual funds, and variable insurance trust funds domestically, and a collective investment vehicle for non-U.S. investors.

Institutional Strategies

Credit Opportunities Strategy

Multi-Sector Low Duration Core Strategy

Multi-Sector Short Duration Strategy

Multi-Sector Core Plus Strategy

Multi-Sector Opportunistic Strategy

Floating Rate Bank Loan Strategy

High Yield Strategy

National Municipal Bond Strategy

California Municipal Bond Strategy

Flexible Credit Strategy

Exchange Traded Funds

Newfleet Multi-Sector Unconstrained Bond ETF

Virtus Newfleet Dynamic Credit ETF

Mutual Funds Managed by Newfleet

Virtus Newfleet Credit Opportunities Fund

Virtus Newfleet Low Duration Income Fund

Virtus Newfleet Multi-Sector Short Term Bond Fund

Virtus Newfleet Bond Fund

Virtus Newfleet Multi-Sector Intermediate Bond Fund

Virtus Newfleet Senior Floating Rate Fund

Virtus Newfleet High Yield Fund

Virtus Newfleet Tax-Exempt Bond Fund

Virtus Newfleet CA Tax-Exempt Bond Fund

Virtus Tactical Allocation Fund (Fixed Income Allocation)

Virtus Strategic Allocation Fund (Fixed Income Allocation)

Closed-End Funds

Virtus Global Multi-Sector Income Fund

Virtus Total Return Fund Inc. (Fixed Income Allocation)

Global Dividend & Income (Fixed Income Allocation)

Variable Insurance Trust

Virtus Newfleet Multi-Sector Fixed Income Series

Virtus Strategic Allocation Series (Fixed Income Allocation)


Virtus GF Multi-Sector Short Duration Bond Fund

Other Subadvised Funds

AdvisorShares Newfleet Multi-Sector Income ETF