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What do fixed income markets hold for investors in 2017? Despite the uncertainty related to the incoming president-elect, many of the challenges that characterized 2016 remain in place. Newfleet offers a guide to fixed income sectors for the year ahead and the opportunities that exist.
Newfleet provides a timely review of fixed income markets and the firm’s multi-sector approach, and discusses the potential market impact of the U.S. president election, including areas of opportunity. Features Newfleet Chief Investment Officer Dave Albrycht, CFA, and Steve Hooker, CFA, Head of Foreign Research, with Joe Terranova, Virtus’ Chief Market Strategist.
Roundtable discussion with Newfleet fixed income investment professionals: Ben Caron, CFA, Multi-Sector Portfolio Manager; Steve Hooker, CFA, Managing Director of Foreign Research; and Frank Ossino, Bank Loan Sector Head. Moderated by Joe Terranova, Virtus' Chief Market Strategist.
Brexit or not, Newfleet CIO Dave Albrycht see opportunity in the fixed income market.
A Q&A with the portfolio manager of the Virtus Strategic Income Fund
An in-depth look at this conservative multi-sector strategy which focuses on fixed income segments with higher quality and liquidity. Reprinted from
A Q&A with Newfleet’s distressed credit specialists, including the portfolio manager of the Virtus Credit Opportunities Fund
Opportunities, concerns, and possible surprises with upside potential for the year ahead, as viewed by Newfleet’s sector specialists.
Bond market liquidity has not declined to the worrisome extent the media portrays. While the situation requires close attention, there’s no need to panic, and may even present opportunities for value investors.

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